Monday, 30 November 2009

Always my own worst enemy

Swim: 1950m

As you can tell, I've fallen off the wagon lately. Actually, off of a few. I've been taking it rather easy lately in many regards - nutrition, workouts, ambition - as I felt like recovery was needed after a few stressful weeks (well, they felt stressful for me). I've been tired, mentally and physically, and have started to feel almost as if there's a cold or something coming on.

But tonight, after a weird-feeling day, getting a flu shot (a BIG victory for me, 'cause I get very high anxiety with needles), and feeling "tipsy" all day, I headed out for my swim. And now, I feel like a million bucks.

I'm left wondering - how much of that "crappy feeling" stuff was because of poor nutrition and no activity? Is that why I feel like a cold's coming on? Is that why I've been so tired, not being able to get enough sleep?

I'll never know the answer to these questions, but it sure makes me wonder.

But what I do know is that if I had kept up with some activity, and kept up with the pushups and all, I wouldn't have had to work so bloody hard in the pool tonight. It just felt like one of those nights where you couldn't quite get your stroke down, each recovery had you sucking in water, and your hips and legs sank like the Titanic.

After 800m of warmup, we had a timed 300m length. I finished in 5min15, as did Scott who was on me the entire time - I think I actually slowed him down today. Scott continued strong, but I was done. The rest of the night I had to focus awfully hard on form, but it just wasn't there. Ah well - c'est la vie. You can't have the good without the bad.

I've decided that this week signals a change. More consistent workouts, each with a purpose. Better nutrition. Restart the strength work. Yeah, you've heard it all before, I know, I know. But the goals I've got haven't changed. It's just time to "man-up," get back on the wagon, and grab hold of the reins.

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Mike said...

You're bound to have these types of periods through training Hollywood. The Fresh Start is always a great feeling! Don't beat yourself up. Just get back on it and keep the 'mo!