Monday, 19 October 2009

A very different "workout"

Yesterday the family headed out to Saunders Farm, which is becoming a fall tradition for us. We bundled up for the colder morning and headed out for fun. Amazing play structures, corn cannons, apple slingshots, lookouts, slides, mazes, labyrinths, haunted hayrides, and lots of running around. My wife has some wonderful pictures on her blog - be sure to check them out.

It was an amazing day, filled with fun, sun and a few scares! (I can't imagine the nighttime hayride - I'm sure I'd crap myself repeatedly.)

So what was the "workout" you ask? Well, we were at the farm for over 4hrs and were on our feet most of that time. I can only imagine how far we walked/ran, especially given that one of the mazes has over half a mile of paths (and I'm sure we covered them all - my daughter was leading). We're all wiped from this! My back is tight, my hips and legs are lifeless, and I feel like I need another 5hrs of sleep to feel normal again. My daughter slept in today, but could have easily slept longer if it weren't for her empty stomach. And my wife is fighting the groggies at work today (but she amp-ed it up yesterday and did a spin on the bike last night too -- awesome!).

But for those of you out there that don't believe this is a workout, then I've got good news for both you and I -- swimming starts tonight! Yup, I'm dying to get in the pool, and can't wait to knock out laps tonight. I just need to remember that I haven't swam since my performance may not be what it used to be. But it'll be fun all the same!

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