Monday, 19 October 2009

Perhaps that's what was missing

Swim: 1400m @ 45min

The first masters swim of the season! Lots of new faces, including two buddies of mine - Scott and Warren - who have been taking me out on rides in north Kanata lately. The only "bad" thing was that we had the overhead of the first-time session, so we didn't get a full hour in the pool. :( Yeah, I know, I need to be patient.

And although no one really knew what lane they should be in, it didn't seem too bad. Scott got caught up behind some slower people, but he didn't seem to mind. But I didn't really see many others get stuck in uncomfortable lane positions. I'm sure if there were any, they'll get ironed out in the next few sessions.

I can certainly tell that I haven't swam for a few months. The shoulders and chest are feeling warmer than normal right now, having worked harder than they have for quite some time. But this is also the feeling that I seemed to really love when I started training last year for my first half-iron. The pool was the place where I felt the biggest gains, the largest progressions. I really looked forward to the drills, the speed sets, the long pace swims. For me, as this was my biggest fear in triathlon, it was also what made me feel the most like an athlete. I've kind of got that feeling back tonight, and I'm almost giddy with the thought of getting back in the pool for more.

And I'm thinking differently now too. I may have gone from "enjoy the season and do whatever, whenever" to a more pro-active and exciting "what will I do this week" approach. On the drive home from the pool I was already coming up with a "training" plan for this week - runs, rides on the trainer, pushups, squats - the whole gambit.

Yes, I know - "thinking" and "doing" are not the same, and I do still need to do the work. But I do feel more excited about that now.

Yup, I love the pool.

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