Thursday, 15 October 2009

One last kick at the cat

Bike in: 30km @ ~1hr
Bike home: 30km @ ~1hr

I'm not sure what it was, but something inside me was really wanting to "man-up" and bike into work one last time this year. Well, I'm hoping it's not the last time, but given the temperatures and the threat of snow this weekend (big fat WTF?!?) things aren't looking too good.

Last night I checked the forecast, knowing it would be cold in the morning. The good news was that there was no rain, snow or fog expected, so I gathered clothes and got my stuff ready. I checked the forecast once again in the morning (brrrr!) and looked at the roads - all looked good for the ride in.

Lately in Ottawa, we've been about 20C below the average temperature. This morning was -5C, when it should have been around 10C. Thankfully there was no wind, but the wind on the bike caught up with me fast. My legs were good, wrapped in MEC mid-weight tights, but my arms and hands were cold within a couple of minutes. My chest got cold later on (my Louis Garneau vest worked well) and my toes too - even with the shoe covers. I realized later that it was pretty much due to the humidity in the air - it was all condensing on me as I rode along. If I do get the chance to ride to work again, I'll need to adjust my layers to deal with that better.

It was a fun ride, though, even with the bit of cold to deal with, and the Ridley rode very well (except my right dual-action lever kept "freezing" up making downshifting non-existant a few times). As I got into downtown, things really got enjoyable - the leaves are changing into their magnificent fall colors, and the fog hanging above the Rideau Canal and Dow's Lake was just like staring at a postcard. In fact, the picture I put in this post is almost identical to where I rode today, and is located on the southern end of Dow's Lake. The crisp quiet morning was interupted only by the odd car and the whirr of my chain on the cogs.

Once I got to work, I was looking forward to a shower to warm up. But thanks to a major plumbing problem here, I didn't dare risk one. Then I was thankful it was so cold this morning - I didn't sweat a bit, so (fortunately) a shower wasn't an absolute necessity.

But I was still chilled. And how do we solve that here in Canada? Coffee run to Tim Hortons! But don't worry - I stayed away from the donuts. :)

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