Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Not wasting any time

Well my plan is off to a good start having completed a run and a swim
yesterday. This morning, as I type this on the bus, I feel a good
combination of tired and achy.

Yesterday's run was quite enjoyable but at a higher intensity than I
had planned. Things just felt right and I went with it. No harm in
that right?

The swim was great. Our new coach has a lot of swimming experience
both as a coach and as a competitor. My understanding is that he
coached and competed right through to the varsity level. And let me
tell you: you know it. Last night's session was no introduction to
masters swimming. He quickly set out moving people in the lanes and
broke the sets up according to those lanes. Myself and Scott are in
the fast lane with three other women (and they whip us bad) so we're
expecting some good hard work. Josh, the coach didn't disappoint.
1000m of mixed freestyle warmup, and some 8x50m IM "switch" where you
swim i'M strokes like this:

  • Fly/back
  • Back/breast
  • Breast/free
  • Free/fly
...and repeat. I don't like IM switch.

The overall distance wasn't too high at 1650m...until you remember
that 600m of that was freestyle kick. My legs are spent! I don't
know if I'll push for a run today but I do know that when this swim
session is done I'll have much stronger legs!

Scott continues to do awesome in the pool. It's really great to have
him there because I know he'll
Be there pushing me along. Warren missed the swim unfortunately due
to a sick child (that sucks so bad), but I'm hearing that he's been
going hard on the run and bike training.

Looks like I've got my work cut out for me this winter! Bring it on!

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