Sunday, 4 October 2009

I'm SO glad this week is over!

Monday started out alright. Tuesday started okay, but ended under heavy stress thanks to work. Unfortunately, work pressured on right to Friday at 4.30pm when I completed the "emergency" task at hand...only to find out that the deadline moved out a few extra days. :( Toss in a sick daughter (yes, AGAIN), and a probably-sick wife, stir in some 12hr days at work, and things fall apart in an awful hurry - and I don't just mean the training.

I am completely spent after this week, and only today started to feel the upswing return to normal. My daughter seems to be stuck with a cough and headcold, my wife's cold seems to be progressing, and I perpetually feel like I'm short 4hrs of sleep each day. life! I wouldn't miss for anything!

As for work tomorrow...well, so far I'm not expecting any other emergencies waiting for me, but you never know. I do hope that I can get two runs in this week during the work week - providing that there's no new emergencies. If not, I think I'll have to consider moving my runs into the morning before heading out to work. I don't really want to do this, especially with winter approaching, but if that's the only options I'll have to consider it. (Let's just say that there's some question about how my workplace sees progress - measured, or perceived.) Boy, you can sure tell in the office that we're in a recession....

Okay! Damn - too much negative stuff here! (Sorry, I guess I just needed to vent a bit.)

On the positive side, I got a great workout today, thanks to my Felt S22 and 3 buddies of mine. We're all mixed in abilities and strengths, but we all got out this morning for a good ride. I biked to Scott's place, and then we headed out for the roughly 30km loop north of Kanata. After 2km, the pace was being set by Ben who, apparently, only has one speed. We reeled him in, paced ourselves along for a while, and then things got interesting.

I couldn't resist any longer. I pulled out and passed Ben saying "Better get warmed up for that hill" and sprinted off. Scott and Warren couldn't hang on, but Ben pushed me hard and I blew up about 1km from the stop sign at 2nd Line @ Thomas Dolan. We were both hurting, after holding a sprint at +50kph for about 5min - I was shocked that I could still push that hard, even though I thought I was going to puke if I kept on much longer. Warren and Scott caught up and we continued on to the first hill on the loop - not big, but when your legs are absolutely full of lactic acid, it's painfully daunting. This time Scott and Warren raced up with Ben and I sadly pulling up the rear. Scott almost had Warren, but had to backoff as he nearly wiped out on Warren's back tire. I managed to keep my legs firing properly and climbed the hill, but felt pretty wiped after that. I held back with Scott for a while as he was suffering a bit, and Warren and Ben kept the tempo up for a while.

Scott and I did finally catch up (we had to - they stopped) and we headed back home. "1-speed" Ben lead the pack and picked it up a notch to see who'd hold on. Scott was out, but he egged me on. I passed Warren and simultaneously deflated him (seriously - he told me so). I caught Ben faster than he expected, so he cursed, shifted up and grabbed my wheel. I had "no choice" but to pick it up and crack him off. We were pulling about 45kph when we hit a steep, short hill. I had enough in the tank that I could keep my cadence up the hill, which dropped Ben. He congratulated me, but I didn't hear the first time as I was sucking wind too hard.

Then - get this - Warren and Scott (who are behind us), turn off our loop. The buggers took a shortcut back to Scott's house!!! Ben and I were forced into one final race, and we did what we could. Unfortunately we couldn't beat Warren, but it was close!

Overall the entire ride was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed the extra pushing. All four of us had shaky legs back at Scott's place, and we were hurting! I'm still hurting a bit as I type this now, and it's been nearly 9hrs since we finished. Now THAT'S a good ride!

So that's it - the Week From Hell in a nutshell. I used to say that you need to have these weeks every so often in order to be thankful for the rest of them. I like to think I'm right...even if I hate being right when I'm in the moment. :D

See y'all next week!


Closet Artist said...

You'd never know that you all are a group of 30-40 year olds out there!! Just a bunch of boys once the tires hit the pavement. :D

Digger said...

Sounds as if we both had tough weeks as far as work and time are concerned. You did get in some workouts which make me jealous. Keep up the work and the blogs!