Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I forgot how that felt

I managed to get out for a run yesterday at lunch. It is something I need to do more of, but quite frankly it has been rather easy to pass on it for the sake of work (gasp!). I nearly kept on working through lunch, especially with the aches and stiffness in my legs from swimming the previous night.

Boy did I suffer! The first 2 or 3kms were not too bad, probably because I expected the rough spots to get worked out. Well they certainly didn't and my pace rapidly went from 5m10 to near 6m per km. I did manage to go longer than I had originally planned but I was quite surprised at how hard I had to work for it.

The culprit? I think there were two. First, my new swim coach has a very strong belief in having a strong kick so we did a lot of kick lengths - without a kick board. In total we did 600m of kick, which normally isn't bad unless it's the first session of the year. Second, as realized by my online log, this was my first run in a week. An entire week! And trust me when I say that there wasn't anything else in that week to make up for it.

But you know something? It's good to hurt like that every once in a while. He'll, even Chuckie V needs to get his ass handed to him every once in a while (BTW Chuckie there's no way in he'll I'd even be in the same building for that workout).

And I did notice two other interesting points (well they're interesting to me):
  • My new glasses (by Oakley - I'm their biggest fan) stick to my head even better than their sunglasses! It was an absolute pleasure to wear these beauties without having them bounce or wobble or slip. Unobtanium == glue for your head.
  • The Rideau Canal has been drained already! The crews were out installing the stairs and the electrical panels for the on-ice huts. Holy crap is winter that close already?!?!

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