Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Bike: 31km @ 1hr20 (VERY WINDY - http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3257871)

Run/roll: 5.6km @ 31min (Rideau Canal)

I've been saying this a lot lately – What a weekend! All three days were packed with activity, and I still didn't get everything done!

But it was a very good weekend. First off, my family and I are pretty much over whatever sickness had infested us (although my wife's still coughing more than I'd like). It's nice to have us feeling quite normal again.

Second, I got a good ride in on Sunday with some friends. It was very windy and very cool, and if that wasn't enough we tossed in some extra hills that kicked it up a notch...or two. I wasn't feeling as competitive this time when compared to last week, but it was still a lot of fun and I got an amazing workout from it (but I still hate the wind).

Third, we had lots of friend and family time. We got a surprise invite to a family Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday which was very well-received (thanks Ben and Angie!) – with no family around here we don't get opportunities like this very often at all, and we treasure them immensely. Monday we did a family trip to Gatineau Park for some hiking, where the woods were exquisite with their fall foliage – my daughter called it The Forest of Colors and loved every minute of it. And Monday evening we had some friends over for our Thanksgiving dinner. Great times!

But after the weekend's efforts and (over?) indulgences, today's run was…well, felt. Not only am I sore and sluggish from Sunday's ride-and-a-half, but I feel the turkey, ham, potatoes, cake, pie, scotch, beer and vegetables (yes, I did have some!) with every step. I was laughing to myself as I imagined my rolling down the pathways stuffed to the gills with Thanksgiving delights. Frankly, I didn't care. Every so often you have to toss things aside and indulge a bit, especially with family and good friends. I managed 5.6km today at an easy pace (aerobically, that is) and it felt good to move again – even with the discomfort.

Unfortunately, this weekend did bring some rather cold weather our way. No snow yet, but we had sleet and near-hail on Sunday afternoon, and there has been snow in areas near Ottawa. I'm afraid it's not far away, and we do have a frost warning out tonight. That means the morning bike commutes on the slick-wheeled Ridley won't be occurring until things warmup. Hopefully that will occur before April. :) And well before then, the Felt S22 will be placed back on the trainer, given a cleaning, and made ready for Spinervals sessions once again.

Only 6 more days until my masters swim starts! >woot!<

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