Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Burning out the carbon

Run: 5.4km @ 28min (Rideau Canal)

Remember those old cars that had >gasp< carburetors? Remember how every so often you'd have to get it out on the open road and put the pedal to the mats and "clean" it out? That's how I was feeling today.

This morning I was cranky, grumpy and not ready to take on the world. I felt sluggish, stuffed-up, and I was tired of still sounding like Barry White (yeah, I still sound like that). Work is busy as ever, and squeezing in runs has been a bugger. I've been so tired in the mornings and evenings that squeeking in the pushups and squats has been far less than successful.

Examining my schedule at work, with meetings at 11am and 1pm, the run was being pushed off again, and I didn't like that one bit. I did some quick math and thought that if I left at the right time and hammered out a short run, I could run, shower and eat just in time for the 1pm meeting. The plan, although tight, was put into action.

I didn't really know how I'd fare with my cough, but once I put the iPod on with the hard-tempo-spinning mix on, that didn't matter any longer. The run cadence jumped up, my stride opened, and I was breathing hard and heavy for the next 28min. Scooter, Static X, Korn, RHCP, distatix, Combichrist were all forcing me to run faster and not even consider letting up. Quite frankly, I happily obliged and enjoyed the audible pounding my ears were taking (I don't run very often with an iPod).

Now, although tired and sleepy, I feel much better. And I'm reminded how sneaking out even for a short run and a bit of intensity can freshen up your day just as much as a longer effort can.

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Brian said...

How do you get your blog to look like this?

I want a larger personal pic in the background but cannot figure it out.