Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Now I've just got to stick to it

New goal to list! Along with doing the 100 pushups plan, I'm going to try the 200 squats plan as well. Got the plans on my iPod Touch, so I can't use the no-internet-connection-so-I-can't-see-what-the-sets-are excuse in the future.

Aside: This was started to offset (?) another excuse (rain) that "kept" me from today's run. :)


Trevor Oseen said...

Going to add some pull-ups too? Might as well run the gambit!

I hope your weather is as warm as it is here, 33c!

Oh yeah: Garage done = no Porsche shipping to Ottawa. :)

Digger said...

The 100 pushup plan looks good. I think I can put it into the weekly workout routine without any sacrifice. Are you going to use the logger mentioned on their site?