Thursday, 17 September 2009

Not another one....

More sadness in Ottawa. Sounds like the cyclist may be at fault in this one, but it's all up in the air so far.
Terrible. Absolutely terrible. There is no need for this on the roads! Patience, respect and following the rules of the road is all it takes - on both sides.

For those of you that don't have the time to read the entire article, there is a collection of stats that the reporter found for Ottawa. Keep in mind that Ottawa is a relatively small city (Ottawa and surrounding area is well under 500000 - this doesn't include Gatineau, QC across the river) and that cyclists are not at all uncommon on the roads.

Last year, there were no fatal motor vehicle collisions involving cyclists in Ottawa, although nine drivers and 262 cyclists were injured.

According to police, 20 of those suffered life-altering injuries.

Of 292 drivers involved in collisions with cyclists in 2008, 96 were charged, according to the city’s annual collision report. Of the 311 cyclists involved in collisions last year, 39 were charged.

I find these stats interesting. First, they are much higher than I'd expect! Second, they point the finger at both drivers and cyclists - and this is key for me. I find that there are a few drivers who think that bikes don't belong on the road, and for each one of them I see a cyclist who thinks they are holier than thou drivers and expects more than they should, or feel that they don't need to follow the rules of the road.

C'mon people. It's simple.

  • Be patient.
  • Allow for some room (roughly 3').
  • Be aware.
  • Be patient.
  • Be aware.
  • Follow the rules of the road.
  • Use hand signals.
  • Be predictable in your lane.
  • Be visible.
And everyone, please remember that we've all got friends and families to get home to at the end of the day. Nothing is ever more important than that.

Be safe.

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