Monday, 28 September 2009

Just chillin'

Chillin' - that's about all it's been lately (you could probably tell that from the lack of posts, couldn't you?). With all the changes that have been coming along in our family this year, I find that I'm more than willing to hang out with family and "nest" rather than stress about training and fitness goals right now. It's not that I don't have those goals anymore - it's just that I've put other things at a higher priority.

The last few days is full of great examples. Wednesday was my lovely wife's birthday - she's just as precious as ever, and more than deserves the day's full focus. Thursday was my daughter's first skating lesson of the year, so I left work early to see her advance into the next level (she was so proud - I don't know if I've ever seen her that proud of herself). Friday was my usual long run with Peter, which is more about chatting and laughing than it is about running. Saturday I got to take my daughter to ballet again, and then my wife to supper and a Yuk Yuk's show where we nearly peed ourselves laughing at the headliner's act. Sunday we spent half the day at the Carp Fair with good friends playing games, putting the kids on rides (my daughter's first rollercoaster ride - she loved it...we think), and checking out all the animal displays.

Now we're wiped through and through, and feel like we need another day on the weekend to recover and get ready for the week that's already begun. And for me at work, it's been a jump from the frying pan into the fire, so once again, no lunch run for me. :( But to be honest, I don't mind today, as all the standing and running around has left me rather achy (yes, I am getting old).

But to stave off that oldness, I'm planning on starting my two x-hundred-something plans tonight - 100 pushups, and 200 squats. What I really like about these workouts is how I feel afterwards - strong and healthy. Factor in that they only take maybe 10min to do, and you've got a winner.

Hell, I might even pull the Felt S22 inside and put it on the trainer (fewer excuses that way) if time allows. And I may need to, as I've been invited for another long ride this weekend with Scott. And if Warren joins us again, I know I'll have to out-sprint him up at least one hill.... :D

And speaking of rides.... I get emails periodically from Troy Jacobson's business, and he often includes riding tips and videos in them. This time, the video is hilarious - his collection of bikes. Now my wife didn't mind when I had 3 bikes, but this guy's got 5. Paint me jealous (I've only got 2 now). :D Here's the video, if you're interested.

That's it for now. More to come later - I promise!

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