Sunday, 20 September 2009


Bike: 51km @ 2hrs (Kanata North / March)

It must be fall, or the change in seasons, or the darker mornings, or the back-to-school routine - but this week has flown by in an instant...again. I need to hurry up and adapt to this. :D

Got some good enjoyable workouts in this week, but consistency was not strong at all. Unfortunately my trek towards 100 pushups needs to be restarted again, but I'm not overly concerned - I think it'll be easy to pick that up again. But I do need to get some consistency going again to ensure I maintain and perhaps even increase some performance.

I bailed out on today's Army Run half marathon, but I don't really feel bad about it. I thought that if I was going to do it, I'd train to go for a new PR. Obviously I didn't get the training done. But instead, and perhaps more fun, I got in a laid-back ride today with a good friend and one of his neighbors. It was bloody cold at first (there was frost in my yard!) but after a bit of a sprint to Scott's house (I was late) I warmed up. But it is definitely time to wear pants for the morning rides.

My focus now will turn to some simpler, and certainly shorter, efforts.
  1. I'm keen to get this year's Rattle Me Bones 10k in. It's a fun local race that I've missed for a few years now. I really want this race to help me train towards a faster and stronger run - at least in shorter distances.
  2. I'm starting the pushups again. I'm going to really increase my upper body strength this winter, and I want to start with the 100 pushups program again. I think this will help out in all three disciplines, as I've read that as the sets get longer you work more of your core at the same time.
  3. As much as I hate to say this, I think the Felt's coming inside very soon. That means that the trainer's gotta get worked out too. While today's ride went well, I've lost some strength and power (Warren - I'll get you on that hill next time!). This winter is the time to get it back. And since I can't afford a set of PowerCranks, I'll need to push the big gears and start doing drills on the bike...properly.
I'm hoping that setting some goals - concrete or not - will take away this airy-fairy approach to training lately. Sure, it's fun to smell the roses, but you can't do that all the time and expect to improve.

And to keep time from passing too quickly again, I'm going to bed right now. Because if I don't I'll be up way too late again playing Wii Sports Resort. Damn that game's fun!


Judi said...

hey, thanks for your comments!!

i wanted to tell you - the BEST 'cross racers were BMX'ers. try it. you'd be amazed. if someone like me can do it, an old BMX'er can do it.

Steve Stenzel said...

You asked about running speedwork - here's my 2 cents:

I focus on 3 kinds of runs each week: long run, tempo, and intervals. I push my long run pretty hard (maybe harder than I should). I try to run my tempo (which is usually about 40-60% of the distance of my long run) pretty hard - nearly all out. And then I'll do intervals. I like doing 4x1600. I'll usually do 3 or 4 1600s, or 6-8 800s. SOMETIMES I'll do some 400s (8-12) for some speed. I usually take 75-90 seconds rest between intervals, and I try to keep my interval times pretty consistent.

You mentioned doing 800s twice a week with 1 easy run - I think that is too off-balanced. You'll gain speed, but you'll lose endurance if you only other run is an easy run, and there's a lot of endurance needed in a 5K or 10K. Intervals should just be "peppered in" to your workouts, and not the majority of your workouts each week. (Also, intervals can more easily lead to injury, so I'll take a week off from intervals if I need to.)

Anyway, that combo of workouts took 2:30 off my 5K PR. (from about 20 to 17:27) And it got my 10K run in an oly tri down from 42:34 a year ago to 38:16 this year.

Good luck!! It's all about balance, so don't overdo it with just the intervals. Happy training!!!