Tuesday, 8 September 2009


I had such a nice weekend - an extra day off, lots of family time, lots of yard work done, lots of relaxing. My wife and I got everything ready for the wee one to head back to school (senior kindergarten!), and we took the very happy little girl to her class. What a great few days!

Then I came to work today. And people haven't left me alone (until now...well, for now, at least - ssshh!).

It's just one of those days. Nothing is not under "panic" status. None of my work is getting done. I'm helping everyone else out. AND there's no time for a run today. If this keeps up, I'll be lucky to do any of my work today.

And then I realized that the Army Run half marathon is less than two weeks away!!!

(insert panic emoticon here)

All work and no play makes me a grumpy boy.


Keep your fingers crossed for me, but here's my "plan" for the next 36hrs:

  • Start the 100 pushups program tonight (that'll take me all of 3 minutes)
  • Bike to work tomorrow on the Ridley (yes, my Felt misses me)
  • Run at lunch tomorrow, even if only 4 or 5km
  • Bike home.
During that time I'll think about registering for that half marathon.

Oh, my other SOAB moment - my masters swim club doesn't have enough people for the session, so we're not starting until October 12 now. Dammit! I've really been looking forward to that....

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