Thursday, 10 September 2009

2 outta 3 ain't bad

Actually, make that 3 out of 4! In my previous rant, I was a bit p/o-ed at how much work was interfering with work and life, and set out 4 very-short-term goals. I managed to get all of them but the run (thanks to a surprise meeting booked for 12pm). Making these goals revived me a bit, and pulled me out of the "oh woe is me" funk that had appeared.

And speaking of goals, I was strongly considering the half marathon in the Army Run on Sunday, September 20. I haven't at all been training for it, so a PR would be a stretch. I keep thinking it would be fun, but it's also $65 to do it. All I can think of now is what else I could do with that money...
...Spend it on the race:

  • have a bunch of fun
...Spend it on other things:
  • birthday gift/party for my wife
  • swimming lessons for my daughter
  • pay down debt
  • supper with my wife
  • home repairs
  • fall clothing
  • car repairs
...yep, it never ends, does it?

Still undecided. I'll have until Tuesday to decide - after that you don't get a race shirt (petty, I know). But it's on my head after seeing a promo this morning on local tv that showed one of the runners - a member of the Canadian military, now a double-leg amputee who runs on blades. I think there'd be lots of inspiration at that run, and it would be cool to see.

Something else that would be cool to see is me doing 100 pushups. My wife and I started the 100 pushups plan on Tuesday. Let's just say I've got a LONG way to go, but I'm going to do my best to hang onto this one (hell, the whole workout is only taking me about 10min to do - yeah, I do that few!). My thought is that this will help me with swimming and cycling, and probably running too as there's lots of core activation going on. I thought about tracking my progress in the posts, but that's a little too embarrassing right now - perhaps in a few weeks. :)

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