Thursday, 20 August 2009

Time to take time

Run: 7.6km @ 42min (Rideau Canal)

This week has been turning into the perfect storm at work with all sorts of things coming at me all at once. Customer issues, critical software bugs, release deadlines, on-site support - did I forget anything?

Ah yes - a break.

You know what that's like, don't you? You get so busy, so focused on getting that work done that everything else dissolves and blurs away, and even after a 16hr day you still have more work to do. So you work more and harder, trying to catch up and make everything sane and calm again. But that never happens.

So yesterday I said "Screw it" and I biked in. At least that way I get some stress worked away, and some time outdoors. They were harder commutes for some reason, but they were quite enjoyable. Except that I realized that I need to get rid of those aerobars on my Ridley - I've been spoiled by my T2+ bars on my Felt. Regardless, I got some good efforts in for a total of 60k that day.

Today was another "Screw it" moment as I was more than prepared to work through yet another lunchbreak. I came to my senses at 12:15 and figured I'd get out no matter what (I've been missing the runs this week). I got nearly 8k in today, and made the run more valuable by doing 3 x 2k intervals at lactate threshold (or a bit above) with 45sec rest. I'm trying to increase my aerobic function and run strength as that seems to be my limiter in the tris I do. It was a good workout, and I forced myself to hold the right intensity throughout, rather than letting the HR ramp up through the interval. Good stuff, and good feeling.

And now back in my office, I'm more content to sit here and do my job, knowing that for a portion of the day I got to make time for myself within the confines of corporate North America. And because of that I'm refreshed, relaxed, and more focused than I was earlier.

So for all you workaholics out there, stop working so much and enjoy the day. It will help you out in more ways than you realize.

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