Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Time to get back in the goggles, shoes and saddle again

Well, vacation time is over. :( Back to reality.

My daughter and I had a great trip back to see the grandparents. We both had a lot of fun, had great visits with family, and my daughter got to experience a lot of new and exciting things. Unfortunately we're both completely wiped out. But to be honest, I'd rather feel like this at work than sitting in my office looking towards the next vacation for a break. Lots of good times and good memories.

Back to work for me, back to camp for my daughter, and back to family for my wife. I think we were all ready for that.

And for me, it's also back to the training/fitness activities. It's been three weeks since my last race, and I'm more than recovered (and fattened up). This week will see me getting back to easy running (it's been two weeks since I've ran) and cleaning the bikes up (three weeks since I've been in the saddle..or the pool). I'm certainly looking forward to being more active again, but I'm going to have to ease into it again after being away. This week will be simple and easy efforts to make sure my base is still existing in me somewhere. After that I'll pick up the tempo and nail down some goals for the fall.

I think that tris are done for me this year - unfortunately the timing and scheduling just won't work out. So instead, I'm planning on maintaining the swim, riding recreationally and commuting, but really focusing on my run. I certainly need some strength and speed in the run, and I'll spend the fall and winter raising the bar there.

My Felt is cleaned up, but I need to get some chain pins before I can wrap it all up (the SRAM quicklinks wouldn't lock on my Shimano 10spd chain - wtf?!?). My Ridley is in dire need of a good cleaning, and I'll need to replace the small chainring at the end of this year. No slips on it yet, but it doesn't look far off. And now that we're in August (already?!?) I feel like I need to ride more and more before the seasons change and I have no choice but the trainer in the basement.

Hopefully everything will hold up and go smoothly. Unlike this poor soul.

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