Monday, 17 August 2009

On Fire

Damn it's hot! I really don't know how people 50yrs ago did it without air conditioning and the like. And while I've got my gear here at work for today's run, it's not going to happen. We've got a heat advisory, a humidex advisory, and a smog advisory out right now, and since I'm not training for an upcoming race, I have decided to take today as recovery rather than running in 40C and 85% humidity.

Come to think of it, I'll probably sweat as much on the bus ride home as I would in a 30min run today.

Thankfully the weekend wasn't quite as hot as today. Amongst all the family stuff (including lots of play/pool time with my daughter and her friend), I was "encouraged" to go for a ride Sunday morning. (It was more of an a$$-kicking really.) :D It felt really good to be back on my race bike, and it was running great after the servicing I did a week back. Got 43.5km done in about 1hr20 or so, all on beautifully smooth and quiet rural roads west of Ottawa. I felt strong and smooth, even holding longer stretches at 35-40kph. Even got to play leapfrog and chat with another rider on a nice looking Cervelo Soloist - he was heading to Smiths Falls to get his daughter from camp. That was a very welcome experience, as I don't often get to ride with another cyclist.

Now I've got to get my other bike cleaned up and ready to go. I've neglected my Ridley since getting the Felt, and it's looking awful. It needs some TLC so I can keep commuting on it for years to come. But I may wait until the temperature in my garage drops below 40C. :D

Stay safe, and stay hydrated!

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