Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Better than nothing

Run: 8km @ 46min (Rideau Canal)

Last night, 10:00pm
Me: "There! Alarm set for 5:15am. I'll get up and go for a swim."
Wife: "Yeah, right. I'll bet you $100 that you don't go."

Today, 5:15am
"Screw that."

Today, 6:15am
"Still tired?!? I guess I should have gone for that swim."

I just could not get up at the first alarm today. Yes, I was weak. And because of that weakness, I'm out $100. At least it's going to a good cause. :D

While I didn't get the swim in, I did get a run in. The temperature is lower today, but the humidity is just as high. Unlike yesterday's goal of pushing it, I wanted to hold back and keep the HR around 85%max regardless of pace. And except for the few inclines on the loop, I did just that.

I found it crazy to see just how the heat affects me. My breathing rate was very relaxed, and my pace was slow (about 6min/km). But my HR even at that was trying to get near 90%max. Normally, with that pace and breathing rate, I'd be around 75-80%max or so. Crazy stuff.

Even crazier are some of the mega-fit folks that, I'm guessing, have something big in store - I saw 4 people wearing jackets and long pants while running today! The humidex is 35C out there! They better be going to Kona or something....

Perhaps I should stop referring to stuff like that as "crazy" - I'm sure that "dedicated" is much more appropriate. Calling it "crazy" probably identifies me as "jealous" (which I am, but it's all my fault I'm not like them). Regardless, it's amazing what "average Joes" can do.

And here's another one - Mike Caiazzo. Husband, father of 2, full-time office worker, and pro triathlete that got 4th at Ironman Lake Placid...on 8-12hrs a week of training. This interview with Slowtwitch identifies a lot of training practices that most of us would call crazy, but it obviously works.



Trevor Oseen said...

Funny, been there, done that...

Brian said...

If my wife had a $100 for every time I set the alarm early and then said 'screw it'...she'd be able to retire.

Thanks for the link as well. I've been suffering from Achilles issue all season. Nice to know that pros suffer as well and that I have hope.