Sunday, 30 August 2009

All tired out

The title of this one says it all. The weekend couldn't come fast enough for any of us.

My wife has been working extra shifts to help out where she works, and that's adding up with her.

My daughter has finally completed her summer camp, and while she had a heap of fun there, she's ready to be done and have some downtime before school starts. And to top that off, she's getting a cold. She went to bed tonight at 7:30pm - I don't remember the last time she went down that early.

And for me, I'm done carrying the 24x7 support phone for work. It's surprising just how much extra stress that thing is, even when it doesn't ring. Around that and the "regular" work stresses, I did manage to get 5 solid days of training in there. Lots of biking - and good biking at that. My legs are killing me! Still no swimming, but hey - there'll be lots of time for that this winter (as long as I remember to sign up for masters again).

And to make me feel even more tired that I already am, I'm living vicariously through all the athletes (those I follow, and those I don't) in IMKY and IMCAN this weekend. I know they all kicked ass, and I know they'll feel like they've been kicked - wish I was there to join in. Just a few more short years, perhaps....

Although I am thinking a bit more about the Canadian 226 as a possibility next year.... For now, it's just a dream. But one I'll chase as I now go to bed. :D

Congrats to all the IMers - old and new!

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