Tuesday, 7 July 2009


The last few days for me have been a bit strange. Ever since about Saturday, I've been restless. At periods I feel stressed, then relaxed, then overwhelmed, then completely fatigued. It's really odd, and I can't explain it. Yesterday and today's a bit better, but I find myself being quite bored (don't let my manager or coworkers find that out). Must just be a passing "phase" - who knows?

There's also something else common about the last few days. I can't get enough of two things:

  • Sleep
  • Food.

When it's getting close to bed time, it's all I can do to get to bed before collapsing where I stand. But when I get into bed, I can't sleep. Then I'm awake for another hour or two before my body (mind?) finally lets me get some rest. Then when the alarm goes off (regardless of the time) I feel like I could use another 3hrs of sleep. What the hell?!?

But I have no such problem with food. Bring it on, and bring it all. After Sunday's 3hr brick, I had a huge salad for lunch. Then 30min later I suggested that we all go out for lunch, during which I inhaled another heap of reasonably-healthy food as Lunch #2. Supper that evening was equally massive, with me easily consuming a big steak and all the fixings. Monday and Tuesday saw my "brown bag" lunches being consumed as mid-morning snacks, with all of it gone by 1.30pm. I know that I need to recover energy stores for Sunday's race, but the way I'm eating you'd think I'm getting ready for a long winter!

As this is the last week before the half-iron, and as training tapers down quickly, I'm interested to see if these odd behaviors taper off too. I started the week big with the 3hr brick and a high intensity run, but today's swim was moderate (as will be the remaining two training sessions this week) so we'll see if eating, sleeping and restlessness all improves.

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Brian said...

I've been the same for the last, um, 2+ years. Stress, whether good or bad, is hard on the body. If the sleep cycle doesn't better itself in a few weeks maybe consider making sure you don't work out past 6 PM, cut out the caffeine, etc. Last resort, see a doc. But I'm sure you'll be fine. Most likely your body is just in a funk/malaise.