Sunday, 12 July 2009

Now I can honestly say I know what a bonk feels like.

Here's the short of it:
  • Lots of lost bottles
  • One lost Hammer Bar
  • One lost bottle of Hammer Gel
  • One half-iron bike PR @ 2hr58min51 (with a wind too!)
  • One seriously hard bonk during the run at about 13k
  • One new half-iron PR @ 6hr18min40
That was DEFINITELY the hardest feeling run I've ever had to do.  If only I hadn't lost about 1000 calories off my bike....  :D

More later - I'm recovering...and STARVING!


Closet Artist said...

So proud of you as usual and your first bonk!! Now you are REALLY a triathlete!!

Kim said...

Well done!! Congratulations!!!!!

Keep eating!!! And drinking!!!

Brian said...

Congrats! Get those recovery proteins back in. Take a breather!

Setanta said...

Monster! Monster! Monster!

Well done that man.