Thursday, 23 July 2009

Laid back and loving it

Since my half-iron nearly two weeks ago, I've done only one run - 13k with Peter last Friday. I was still sore, tired, achy then, so I sat back and took in more recovery. This week, I've felt quite good, but with work/home/summer stuff occurring, I've been enjoying the freedom from the training plan and just "chill-axing" as my wife would say.

Tomorrow morning (very early, unfortunately), I'm taking my daughter back home to see the grandparents for a week. She's very excited about the whole trip, and I'm very excited that we've probably got TVs in the seatbacks the whole way. (This is important for most parents.) :D We'll be busy having fun, seeing the sights and visiting with the folks, and hopefully the weather will hold up for us. And there isn't a single bit of training planned (or even thought of) for that week.

When I'm back, I still don't really know what I'll pursue next. I've kind of thought of aiming for a sub-50min 10k for the fall, but there's no official race I'm looking towards. It's all very laid back, really.

Honestly, after 24 weeks of structured training, I'm loving the relaxed approach right now. I'm finding it all very refreshing and rejuvenating - like I needed it (I think I certainly deserved it). I'm sure that I'll lose some of my gains, and that I'll gain a bit around the waist, but as Chuckie V says: "Carpe Diem." And you've gotta do that every once in a while.

It'll be quiet (again) for the next week on the blog, but I will be back. And for all of you out there racing and training - good luck and be safe.

See you in a week!

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