Thursday, 16 July 2009

End-of-the-race fun


I forgot one thing in my race report below. But now that the pics are up, it's all the better to mention this now.

As I was coming down the finishing stretch, the race announcer and the remaining few people in the crowd were cheering me on quite loudly (it was very nice, actually). As I'm approaching the finish line, the announcer calls out my name and time, and says "Now he's gotta figure out what to do with the rest of his day!" So I showed him and the crowd.

I thought it was funny, and apparently so did everyone else. It was a great little laugh to cap off a challenging day for me.


For this week, I'm full on in recovery mode. I've decided to let body and mind rest up, catch up on sleep, and enjoy a "normal" week before returning to activity. I'm feeling pretty good, but my joints are feeling achey because I haven't been stretching. Muscles feel tired still, but I'm walking normal and I can run reasonably well (as proved last night as I chased my daughter on her bike).

What I'm really waiting to get rid of is the sunburn and the chaffed spots. The back of my neck is all scabbed over (the side is healing nicely), and my shoulders are still as red as beats (literally) and sensitive to touch. My next half iron will be done with shirt swaps to prevent this - cycling jersey for the ride, t-shirt for the run.


And one other interesting thing to note. I was rather put out by the loss of roughly 1000 calories on the bike during the Graham Beasley race, and (rightly) attributed many of my difficulties to that. But reflecting on my nutrition strategy I found a major flaw.
  • Body's calorie storage (roughly): 2000 cal
  • Calories on bike: 1000 cal
  • Calories in T2: 600
  • Total calories available (roughly): 3600 cal
  • Total calorie expenditure: 5000 cal
Even if I had not lost any food/drink, I was still running a 1400 calorie deficit for the race! According to my Polar HRM, I burn 800-900 calories per hour, so I still would have bottomed out with 90min of run-time left. Yup, I've got lots of nutrition planning/learning to do. :D

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Cliff said...

That's a pretty funny pic :).

Glad u have a good sense of humour at the end.

I weight 155 lbs and I burn avg 1000 calories an hour (given any aerobic exercise).

If you weight more than me, than most likely you are burning more than 1000.

As for recovery, it has been 10 days since my HIM and I still feel a bit achey.