Friday, 3 July 2009


That's what I had the pleasure of watching a lot of over the last few days with my family. For those of you who aren't "hip" to what the (young) kids are into, that's Chuck E. Cheese TV. :)

With Canada Day in the middle of the week, and my wife having Tuesday and Thursday off, we did a last-minute trip down to Syracuse, NY for a change of pace. We're only 3hrs away, so we packed up after work on Monday and headed south. My daughter was so excited, she had to tell everyone at summer camp what our plans were!

Tuesday was the return trip to Chuck E. Cheese where we played games for hours, had lunch, and redeemed a few hundred tickets for prizes for the little one. Now that she's a bit older (5) she can do and understand so much more, so it was a lot of fun to see her all excited while she checked out all the games and activities. Then it was time for a bit of shopping, a bit of supper, and a heap of swimming back at the hotel. I measure the success of the day to the length of my daughter's sleep -- 12hrs that night. Must have been pretty good.

Wednesday was a trip to Carousel Center (which now has an Oakley store) for more shopping and rides on the restored carousel. The mall is quite massive (and it now has an Oakley store) and it's getting bigger with a huge construction project called Destiny USA. I don't know who owns the place, but they're working very hard at making Syracuse and this mall a real tourist destination (and now it has an Oakley store). My daughter hopped and shopped around, rode the carousel three times (ran me out of money!) and then we headed back to the hotel for more swimming! Daughter's sleep on Wednesday -- 11.5hrs. Another good one.

Yesterday was an early morning swim (my daughter just couldn't get enough), a bit more running around, and a sleepy ride back to Ottawa.

It was a lot of fun, and I got to spend a lot of great time with my wife and daughter. We all had a blast, and now we're all recovering. :D I could barely get my butt out of bed this morning, and my daughter, well, I think she's got a bit further than perhaps she should have. But she's young, and seeing all the joy in her face was worth it.

Now I need to purge the pizza and burgers and get ready - only 10 days until the half iron! Perhaps I'll celebrate with another trip to Chuck E. Cheese! :D


Kim said...

Wow, your daughter is now FIVE? We've been hanging out on the internet for a long time together! I'm watching (through your posts) your child grow up!!!

About Chuckie Cheese-do they still have the whack a gopher game? That was great fun!

cdnhollywood said...

The one in Syracuse has a Whack-a-Shark game. Same thing, but the fins hurt your hands....or so I hear. :D