Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Work and Play Planning

Run: 7.8km @ 42min (Rideau Canal)
- incl. 20min @ tempo pace (at or below 5min/km)

A while back, my buddy Peter suggested that we get some long runs and rides in together. Now that we're no longer coworkers, these are great ideas. And during one long run in particular, he suggested a ride to Westport, Ontario. Looks like this weekend will be the day that comes around.

The details aren't fully finalized yet, but this ride is planned for Sunday, and will be my longest ride ever to date. Peter and I will ride down and meet our families in Westport for lunch and some fun. The weather prediction is extremely favorable, and with a bunch of artisan shops and two beaches, it should be a great family outing in the afternoon.
I'm really quite excited about this whole thing. I get to go for a nice, long, scenic ride with a good friend, and it fits into my training plan. I get to have lunch with family and friends. I get to have an enjoyable afternoon with my wife and daughter - shops, beaches, lakes.

But before that I've got to get ready for a great little celebration this Saturday - my little girl has her 5th birthday party with her friends at one of her favorite places: Starr Gymnastics. The kids will get one hour of play and instruction on the various apparatus, and then one hour in the party room where we'll provide cake, drinks and loot bags. Her birthday is actually next week, and if all works well, I'll take the day off so we can do some cool things then too.

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