Sunday, 14 June 2009

What a weekend!

Bike:  90km @ 3h30(ish) (Kanata to Westport)

This morning, Peter and I headed out for our ride to Westport.  We had amazing weather, and the route was very enjoyable.  And, for the most part, we encountered very little traffic.  Lots of farmland, lots of different bodies of water, little historic towns, and really good company.  I stayed aerobic the entire time - Peter hasn't been training like I have been - and I wasn't going to drop him the whole day.  I took the wind the entire day, and felt great.  There were, however, two parts where I spiked my HR - those two hills were huge and s-t-e-e-p...and they were piggybacked.  That really hurt.  :D  But I got a heap of aerobic riding in today, and that's gotta help me out.  Heck - I'm not really that tired!

In Westport, we met our familes, had lunch on the patio overlooking Rideau Lake, had milkshakes for desert, and hit the public beach for some extra family fun.  The water was cold, but my daughter didn't seem to mind for quite a while.  I guess all the shells were just too interesting.

Yesterday was a crazy-busy day again, but in a totally different way.  My daughter's birthday party was on!  We had 9 kids going all-out at the local gymnastics place:  Starr Gymnastics.  They got 1hr gym time with a group leader, and we got the party room for the hour after that.  Our leader was "Dino" (they all have "Starr" names) and he was bloody amazing.  The kids had an absolute blast, and they all did awesome on all of the apparatus.  But they were spent, and the first 20min in the party room was pretty quiet as they inhaled snacks and drinks.  :D  Then the cake and gifts came out, then the loot bags which contained glow sticks.  Those things were a huge hit, and we had to turn the lights out so the kids could play with them.  :D

Friday was another very special day for me.  Every year my daughter's class does both a Mother's Day Tea and a Father's Day Tea.  Friday was time for the Father's Day tea and the kids work all week to get ready for this.  Cakes, cookies, snacks, drinks, gifts - the kids do it all to prepare.  They even arrange the tables and do the place settings!  And the pride really shows through.  There is no way I could ever miss an event like this, and I had a great time.  Great food, great drink and exceptional company!

And after all that, I'm just now getting ready for some down time.  In fact, I'm probably about 2sec from bed!

To Peter, my lovely wife and my amazing daughter - thanks for all the great times, great memories, and great experiences.

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