Thursday, 11 June 2009

An unplanned brick..and the day's not done yet

Bike: 30km @ 58min (Commute to work)
Run: 13.5km @ 1h25 (Rideau Canal, Dow's Lake)
Bike: 30km @ 55min (Commute back home)

I'm feeling a bit sore and tight today. Actually, I felt like that a wee bit yesterday after the 20min tempo run. But now it's much more ingrained, especially in my right calf muscles.

Once again I agreed to an early morning long run with Peter, who really seems to miss the runs along the Rideau Canal - runs like this are becoming almost weekly occurances (not that I mind). Last night I was feeling a bit guilty that I hadn't ridden my bike(s) lately, and after reviewing my new copy of iRun Magazine and reading about a runner doing routine half-marathons at the age of 81, I manned-up and decided to bike in today. Now I'm paying for it (a bit, at least).

The ride started at 5:45am, and was surprisingly cool. I had my arm warmers, so it wasn't bad, but my head and ears were getting cold after 40min. There was a lot of humidity in the air, and lots of condensation on cars and street signs, but the roads were clear and dry. It turned out to be a beautiful morning and a beautiful, quiet ride...and I hit all but one traffic light green!

I locked up my bike at my office, changed shoes and shirt, and met Peter for the long run. It was slow going for me, and I think I was even slowing Peter down as he seemed to be trying to pull me along a few times. :D The right calf was tight the entire time, but I still managed to maintain form and pace, stopping only near the end to hit the water fountain near Canal Ritz restaurant. Lots of stretching when we stopped, as that calf started to feel like it was headed for a cramp. But overall, it wasn't an "uh-oh" kind of hurt, but rather a "that was a quality workout" kind.

Now I'm working away and feeling myself stiffen up as I type away. Every 20-30min I've been getting up for a short walk around the floor (well, half-floor - we're a very small company) to keep some form of "looseness." I'm a wee bit scared of sitting for too long today, then trying to bike home tonight. :D

But I do know that when I get home, there's two percussion massagers that can be activated on my legs: the one bought from Sears, and my daughter who still likes to crawl all over me. :D Looking forward to both!

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