Monday, 29 June 2009

Two weeks left - the big stuff's done

Bike: 104km @ 3hr27min

With two weeks to the half iron, the "big week" is done. I may not have hit all 9 workouts as per the plan (when do I ever?!?) but I got big volumes this week to wear me down. Friday's 1hr45 run was very tough on me, worn down by Thursday's swim. Saturday was a day off doing all sorts of things around the house, which left me with my longest ride ever: 3hr30, in which I covered 104km almost entirely in the aerobars.

The ride started pretty soft. I was still wanting to be in bed, and the legs were flat and heavy. I loaded up on sunscreen, gel, water, sport drink and one bar, and headed north into the Carp and Dunrobin area. It was still early out, and there was a lot of fog that added to the ambiance (I called it that to make the whole thing seem more appealing than bed). I blended the routes from my friend Scott and the route from the CN Cycle for CHEO until I got to Sixth Line near the Ottawa River (close to Constance Bay). I remember Scott saying this road was nice, so I took it instead of doubling back. I was about 1hr30 in, so I took in my bar and some drink and checked out some of the sights. When that loop was done, I headed back towards my end of Kanata and did the out-and-back along Fernback to get to the 3hr30 time. Along this stretch I was losing some stamina in the legs and adjusted my gearing accordingly, just keeping the fatigue in check. I must have handled it pretty well 'cause my pace (even in the wind) was maintained, and I had to add a dogleg on Terry Fox to complete the ride in 3hr27.

Other than a tight back off the saddle, I felt very good. I could have ran afterwards with relative ease (wow, that's a tough one to justify!) and I was properly hydrated. But I was very, VERY hungry - that's something I'll need to deal with in the race.

A great ride. It was rather enjoyable, the saddle held up well (even if there was a bit of pressure still...but that's expected after 3+ hrs), and my fueling has improved. I took in some good hills for some extra work and experience, and I'm feeling good about my current fitness level.

Today's recovery, as we're heading down to Syracuse for three days as a quick get-away. I'll have to bring running gear to get one or two speed sessions in around the fun family plans we have. But other than that, it's relaxing and family time. The rest of training will wait until we get back!

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