Monday, 1 June 2009

Tonight's swim update

Swim:  1500m @ 1hr

Tonight's swim was actually a lot of fun, but of a different kind.  After the 1100m warmup, we did a series of 25m's and 50m's as races.  But these weren't regular races.  These were, well, perhaps I'll let you decide.
  1. 50m head-up.  Swim 50m as fast as you can with your head completely out of the water at all times.  Sounds easy, but trust me when I say it's brutal.
  2. 50m corkscrew.  This was evil.  One stroke is front crawl, one stroke is backstroke.  Repeat until you (a) finish the 50m, or (b) hurl vomit as you're so completely dizzy.  At the end, we all needed an extra couple of minutes to regain our balance.
  3. 50m S-L-O-W.  The object was to see who could be closest to 50m @ 1min30 without going over.  I felt like I was barely moving - I didn't think I could get any slower - and I still came in at 1min05!
  4. 50m F-A-S-T.  This one was all out, and with all the rest from the previous 50, I was ready for a new PR.  And I got it - 36sec - even with my crappy push-off.
  5. 25m tri start.  This was fun yet uncomfortable.  Take 8 people and shove them within two lanes, then do a 25m sprint start.  That's why I'm almost always one of the last ones to enter the water.  ;)
  6. One breath.  Take a breath and swim as far as you can on it.  I actually made the full 25m.  Looking back at it, I probably could have turned and kept going a wee bit more, but I was struggling more than I was comfortable with.  :)
  7. Dunks.  Pair up and try to dunk your opponent while treading water.  I got paired up with a woman and she kicked my ass.  She had a serious egg-beater kick!
It was a lot of fun today.  And even though I'd have liked more distance, it was a very refreshing change.  And with only three sessions left, I know that there's going to be a good bit of work yet.  Timed 500s, timed 100s, maybe even some timed 1000s.  

After that, I'll need to determine how to get my swims in.  The past two years I've done the summer session with the same masters club.  This year I'm considering being "diligent" and hitting the University of Ottawa pool in the mornings a couple times a week.  I'm thinking this may be cheaper and more convenient over these few months, especially since I'm not as concerns about my swimming this year.  I'll have to give that more thought.

As for tomorrow, I was going to ride in to work to get 60k in, but instead I've recently decided to get a good ride on the trainer tomorrow.  I'm dying to try my new saddle out, and there's no way in hell I'm commuting on my Felt to do that.  Bushtuhka has a great return policy, and if I don't like the saddle, I can return or exchange it as long as it's clean.  So tomorrow will be the litmus test for it.

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