Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Registered! (And none too soon!)

Bike: 30km @ 57min (53min if it wasn't for that damned red light)
Bike home: 30km @ TBD

This morning I reminded myself that there's less than 3wks until the Graham Beasley Half Iron Tri, and if I was going to do it, I should probably register for it. And by doing it today, I saved a few extra bucks compared to the last-minute registration fee. Now I need to stay serious for just a few more weeks....

And in that theme, I decided that I'd ride to work easy along the Ottawa River pathways and tempo hard home in the heat (well, according to my dear wife, it's not that hot). :D Well, it didn't take very long before that was thrown out the window. I was pushing the bigger gears down Moody Drive and chasing down virtually everyone on the pathways. Only when I got near my destination did I have to stop - right at the Canadian War Museum. And what a long light that was!!! It was literally 4min!!! Some people jumped the light and raced across as traffic was roaring along, but I wasn't going to push my luck in the same way. Besides, I ended up catching them before we got behind Parliament Hill. :)

I suspect that I'll be in the higher HRs again on the ride home as well. If not for the force put on the pedals, then for the higher humidity and temperatures Ottawa is currently under. Either way, it'll be fun. But I'll stay off the pathways this time - apparently I enjoy them a bit too much. :)

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