Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Where has the time gone?!? Since I'm late on training details, here's a summary:

-- Swim: 1900m @ 1hr
(new timed 500m PR @ 8min58!)
-- Bike: 30km @ 58min (commute to work)
-- Run: 4km @ 21min (surprise!)
-- Bike: 30km @ 1h05 (commute home)

Monday's swim was pretty good, even after the long ride the day before. I knew that the 500m timed set was coming, and being the last one of the season, I wanted to try to break that 9min barrier I've been so close to. Well, I did it. 8min58 was the final time. I knew I was close because the coach was walking along some of my lengths trying to signal me to do a faster turnover (which I have a hard time doing). Then, after a wee bit of recovery from that, she writes down an IM set - the dreaded butterfly stroke after that?!?

There was no training yesterday because my little girl turned 5. I took the day off, and the whole family headed out for fun, sun and adventure. A truly great day that she very much enjoyed! You know a birthday's been good when they fall asleep as soon as you strap them in the car! Happy Birthday Claire!

Knowing that the beautiful weather was continuing for today (and that rain is looming for the rest of the week) I opted to bike in today. The morning ride was gorgeous once again, but my legs were feeling tired and empty. Certainly not as much oomph in the legs, but I wanted to push it a bit anyways. It ended up near-tempo intensity, which I think was good for the training (I'm now in the peak phase - I just hope I'm actually peaking).

Then at lunch, Blair, a new contract employee here and 6-time Ironman finisher, asks if I'm running. He tells me he's heading out for a 20min jaunt to "break up the day" so I join him. He says he's out of shape and is trying to get back into it, but his straight-into-5min pace tells me he's better off than he thinks. We did a short loop along the Canal which ended up being pretty good for me. My HR was good through and through, even with the faster-than-normal pace for me. I may need to keep running with this guy. :D

I'm expecting the ride home today to be a bit tougher. First, the wind is supposed to pick up. Second, the heat and humidity are increasing ahead of tomorrow's rain. But it's all good. As I mentioned before, I'm in the peak phase of my half-iron training and I need to push ahead to get through the rest of the big training. I need more time on the road and in the saddle, I need some longer pool efforts, and I need to get more heat exposure (well, I need to be exposed to heat more to get used to it).

This weekend is my first race of the year (a sprint at Smiths Falls, Ontario). Just a few weeks after that is the A race - the half-iron in Carleton Place. Just a bit more to go....

And after that, I'll complain that I've got nothing to work towards. :D So I'm going to keep pushing, whether or not I hit my limits. I'll just keep working towards that.

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