Friday, 5 June 2009

It's starting to feel like summer

Run:  7.4km @ 42min (Downtown Ottawa)

The last three days in Ottawa have been absolutely gorgeous.  Hardly a wind, full sunshine, and perfect temperatures.  The trees are a perfect green, the flowers are in full bloom, and the waterways are picture perfect these days.  The people of Ottawa and Gatineau - residents and tourists alike - are out in full force.

But for me, the heat brings hard work.  Whether it's real or just a figment of my overactive imagination, the warmer temperatures really suck the life out of me.  What used to be an easy 8k run in 45min turns into a hard tempo effort.  Sprint efforts drop.  Intensities fall.  Body aches even more.  Simple long runs become short punishment sessions.  And I hate it, so I work harder, which in turn just reinforces how I feel.

I remember reading on someone's blog (Lucho's?) that training in heat is like training at altitude.  I like to believe that 'cause it makes me feel better.  :)  But truthfully, I do hope that there is truth in this.

So again, just like last year, I need to be much more diligent with my training intensities, forgetting pretty much everything about pace in the process.  Heat acclimation must occur again, and once I finally get that down, it'll be time for cold acclimation.  :D

And the theme of acclimation continues this weekend, as I do my first brick of the year.  And it's a big one.  I've missed all the others through my training plan, so I'm going in hard.  Sunday will be a 1h45 bike followed by a 50min run.  That'll be a big effort for me.  Here's to hoping it goes well.

Now to prepare for that brick, I've got a new tool/toy (what it is depends on who you ask) - my Polar Speed Sensor arrived in the mail yesterday!  Big thanks to the folks over at Running Free who dug this item out of their storage area for me.  I'll be strapping the device on the Felt this weekend, and I'll finally get accurate stats during the ride now.  Should be fun.

And continuing the theme of fun and bikes, my good buddy Peter is trying to plan a ride from Ottawa to Westport, which would be about 110km one-way (the linked map is not the exact bike route).  Westport is supposed to be a beautiful town surrounded by lakes, and full of quaint little shops.  The idea is that we'd head out bright and early, and meet our families at Westport to spend the day.  Of course, we'd get a car-ride back.  ;)  Nothing is concrete yet, but regardless of when it gets done, it'll be a heap of fun.

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Closet Artist said...

I say toy!!! LOL
and who says you get a ride back IN A CAR??!! I didn't buy you that expensive saddle and bike for nothing!! LOL