Sunday, 7 June 2009

The first brick of 2009!

Bike: 50km @ 1hr43 (Along the Carp Ridge)
Run: 8.8km @ 50min

I can't believe that I actually got myself out of bed today. Seriously - it's been next to impossible for me to wake up these days! But I made it up at 6am (some athlete's are thinking I slept in an hour still!) and headed out to a cool, overcast morning threatening rain. It wasn't long into the ride that I was missing my arm warmers...and a water bottle. I don't know what it is, but I've been firing bottles off the back of the bike a lot lately. Not even 5min in I had to go pick one up again.

I soon warmed up as the out-portion of the ride had two hills show up early. I also learned that I don't quite know how to pick the right gear for climbing on my Felt, but after realizing that it's a bugger to change gears on the bar-ends when your standing, I remembered for the rest of the ride. :D

The entire ride was very enjoyable, and the sun warmed things up as the clouds dissipated. It's a wonderful little road that has great viewpoints, and a few sections that are fully treelined, making for a great cycling experience. I felt pretty good the whole route, and the new saddle worked out very, very well - a great purchase.

Coming back home on the bike, I eased up and took a bit more time than I usually would. My thought was that since this is the first brick of the year, and it was relatively big, I'd take it a bit easier and try not to blow up 5min into the run (like usual). Well, it worked. The run was rather comfortable, with my pace and breathing rate working well together. Everything felt pretty good after 1 or 2k, and the end came rather easily.

I'm really proud with how things went this morning. I got up, had a successful ride, and perhaps an even more successful run. All good things for your first brick of the year. And all the new things I tried out on the road - the saddle, new Craft tri shorts, my speed sensor - all performed perfectly. All that, and I still had the rest of the day to spend with family.

What more could you ask for?

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