Thursday, 25 June 2009

Day's going better now, thanks for asking

Swim: 2300m @ 55min
- 200m warmup
- 1 x 2100m base interval

After my alarm/bus "mishap" this morning, it was nice to have a good swim. It wasn't stellar by any means, but since I haven't done any swim sets over 500m lately, I did pretty damn good. Originally, I thought of doing 500m intervals, then 1k intervals, then finally decided I'd just swim until I didn't have time left.

The goal today was simple - long, relaxed and consistent swimming to build confidence and endurance. After the 200m warmup, I was questioning how I'd get to that goal because I just couldn't find my rhythm. Reminding myself that it's all mental (again), I relaxed myself and my pace and pushed off. 40-odd minutes later, I had chalked up 2100m of mostly-aerobic freestyle swimming.

With the long swim out of the way, I look to the other longs-to-do this week: tomorrow will see the 2hr run, and Sunday will see the 3.5hr bike. And after that, it's only two weeks to go.

Closing off, here's two pics from the Smiths Falls Classic Sprint Tri I did last weekend. I'll spare you the swim pictures (or is it me that I'm sparing?). :D

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Cliff said...

Number 1 race bib?