Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Yeah, that was way more fun

Thankfully, that wind never did change direction today.  Here's the comparison (and keep in mind that I hit more red lights heading home than I did in the morning):
  • Morning ride:  30km @ 1h07
  • Afternoon ride:  30km @ 56min
When I entered my suburb on the 40kph posted roads, I was actually racing the cars...and winning.  What a hoot!


Brian said...

Wind, our friend and enemy. Hopefully the spring hurricane like winds are behind us now!

Funny about the cars as I had to pass a car the other night. It was moving soooo slooowwww.

Cliff said...

watch out for cops..they might give you a speeding ticket :P

Trevor Oseen said...

Hi from Dubai!

You wait. When I take you up on your offer for the Ottawa Marathon it will be snowing on the May weekend!

Setanta said...

I love it when cars (or better still trucks) push pass you just before a good decent so that you end up on the brakes the whole way down. Its the "you are on a bike and therefore slow" presumption.

Its almost a good as the classic, overtake bike and then immediately turn left (or in your case right), move . Thats always special.