Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Trying to HTFU...and chaffing

With the successful and enjoyable completion of the CN Cycle for CHEO, I was very determined yesterday to continue the success this week. And while it took all I had to get out the door yesterday (twice), I did get my run and swim in.

The run was certainly tough - the legs were still feeling a bit empty, and I haven't been doing any brick training yet. I mustered up the drive and did 16 x 30sec with 30sec active recovery in the middle of a 40min run. I just kept telling myself that the run after the 90k ride in a race will feel much like this anyways, so I'd better HTFU and get used to it. The purpose of these intervals was for gentle lactate production and to get the body used to flushing it away. The first 2 or 3 really were uncomfortable, but the others seemed to melt away, with the pace picking up for each one. With my goal of high quality efforts reached, I was more than satisfied.

The swim was easier to get out the door for, but harder for the duration. But the entire night was either about lactate production and going hypoxic (you breathe less frequently). With lead in the legs and a higher HR right from the start, I had my work cut out for me. I got through it with good form (for the most part) but it certainly took it out of me. But still lots of fun.

Today I biked in. My lovely wife suggested the commute today as there's a good 2 or 3 days of rain coming our way, so I took her up on the offer. Things are still a bit cool here in Ottawa, so I really fretted about what to wear. I did the HTFU move again and did a jersey, arm warmers, and my favorite 2XU tri shorts (I really do love these shorts - really). Temperature-wise, I ended up being just fine. But there were two things that bothered the hell out of me.

[1] The wind. What's up with the wind this year?!? I know there's always a wind when you ride, but I've got nothing but headwinds lately, and this morning was no exception. My commute to work makes me head north and east. The wind was out of the north-east, at 20kph, gusting to 30kph. All I can say is that it better not change direction by the time I head home.

[2] Chaffing. For as much as I love my 2XU shorts, they can chafe the hell out of me - right where it counts. I already had some chaffing from the CN Cycle, and this just added salt to the wound. I think what happens is that as I manage the bumps on the roadways, I slip forward on the saddle, and that causes the shorts to slip up into the crotch, which applies more force right where my legs meet the hips. When I was in the drops (rather than on the aerobars) things are okay - it's only when I'm down in the aeros that this occurs. So I did most of the ride on the drops which made me catch more wind, but didn't saw my legs off. The ride home tonight will be much the same.

I should probably say again that I love my 2XU shorts. I don't want to give them a bad rap. They really are amazing shorts - superbly comfortable, cool and great wicking. And the chamois is quite frankly one of the most comfortable and properly-sized ones I've sat upon. I will be buying more 2XU gear, but perhaps just with a slightly different fit.

Now I've got a full workday to rest up before the ride home. Lactate intervals on the bike is scheduled for today, but I may trade that for a foundation ride just to recover a bit more. But that's up to the wind - 'cause if it turns around, it will be one long steady lactate interval the whole way home. ;)

Oh - just one more thing. To the primped and preened lady with the Venti-sized Starbucks and glittered cell phone driving the Mini Cooper on the Queen Elizabeth Parkway @ Prettoria who could have polished my bike paint this morning while I was in your lane (I was ahead of you, remember?): your car is small, but not THAT small. Next time you'll get a windshield full of sport drink and a one-fingered salute.

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Setanta said...

Love the HTFU. It will be my mantra this season.

Chaffing! I hear ya. I did 90k on my new bike (Trek Equinox) which has me constantly in the Tri position. Since all my training to date has been on mountain or cyclocross bike the steep forward position was bringing freash new areas of the undercarrige into play. Ouch. The halfway point of the ride was my old bike shop where I was able to get some chamois cream. Ahhhh! heaven.

"This is Brian, he uses chamy cream. How about this for an idea Brian, take off your skirt and HTFU!"