Sunday, 31 May 2009

Old habits

I had a pretty good training week, but once again I faded out at the end of the week.  I seem to go strong early in the week and then loose drive as the weekend approaches.  I need to work on that.  Seriously.  But instead of battling the "...those who say 'I can`t' and those who say 'I can'..." in my head, I had a great weekend.

The family had a Saturday trip to see the new movie "Up" and it was terrific.  We all enjoyed it immensely, especially my daughter.  Let's just say that it was good enough for my daughter to try to avoid a mid-movie bathroom trip and nearly all costs!  :)

My wife and I had a great night out on Saturday, and we celebrated her successful completion of training at her new place of employment.  Now, after 6wks of full-time training, our family can relax a bit - I don't know how families with two full-time parents do it without losing their minds.

Today was a crappy weather day, but my daughter and I did some playing and relaxing, and then we headed out to Home Depot to get gardening!  Now I'm not a gardener at all - regardless of all the gardening "chores" I had to do growing up.  But my daughter is completely taken by her gardens.  What started with one garden last year has turned into three this year.  With just over one cubic yard of dirt in the gardens, we were finally ready to plant.  And after dodging the intermittent rain and thunder, we managed to get all three gardens planted and watered.  The smiles on that little girl's face (and the dirt, and the water) was so worth the effort.

Yeah, I missed my 2hr ride this weekend.  I even missed it with my new Selle Italia SLK saddle mounted on my race bike.  I admitedly said that tonight "I can't" with the heavy fatigue setting in.  Truthfully, I don't care.  But I got way more than 2hrs of memories out of it.  Way more.

And not just for me.  When it comes to family, you've gotta admit that there's always another day to get the training in.

On to Week 14!

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