Thursday, 14 May 2009


It seems like an eternity since I've posted something here.  As of last Sunday, things got rather hectic and training has been nonexistent.  My daughter got sick.  My wife got sick (and still is).  I got surprised at work not with a software feature design, but rather a deadline that was 1.5wks sooner than anticipated.  The fridge is nearly empty, and we're all squandering for items to make a "suitable" lunch to survive the day - we've been either too busy or too sick to get to the grocery store even!

Almost immediately this week, I got stressed.  And stressed hard.  Two-thirds of the family is sick, and I'm working overtime every day this week.  My first thought:  "How will I train?"  I set my alarm for 4am on Monday and Tuesday and failed at both attempts.  I failed at making Monday's masters swim, and got frustrated about the whole "mess."

But Tuesday saw me getting some reality injected into my head.  I stopped, calmed down, and examined everything on my plate for the week.  I made the decision to skip training altogether for this week.  Family first, work second.  I'm still surprised at just how that never popped into my head on Sunday.

Why the delay?  Fear.  But not the scared-I-won't-finish-the-race kind of fear.  Now it was the will-I-lose-too-much-fitness fear - and I've never had that one before (perhaps you're not scared of losing a little of something).  When I realized that on Tuesday, I could nearly feel the headslap of a higher deity knocking sense into me.  My worst case is that I'd miss 5 days of training.  That's it - nothing more.  I'd lose out on a total of roughly 8 hours of training this week.  That's minimal.  But before the reality set in, it seemed like an eternity.

I'm not running the Ottawa Race Weekend in two weeks, so my training (when I return to it) is strictly on triathlon now.  My first tri this year is Smiths Falls in 5 weeks, and it's a sprint.  My first half-iron of the season is in 9 weeks.  And if I'm fortunate enough to do the 3k open water swim, that's in 10 weeks.  Nearly an eternity to restore my fitness.

And even if I don't, it'll be one hell of a lot of fun either way.

So I'm now taking this forced break in stride, allowing myself to do what my family needs, and excel professionally in areas I've never ventured before (and very successfully, I might add).  With the rest I get, I'll be more primed for high-quality workouts again next week.  And I'm even on holidays then too, as my mom visits us - it truly seems like an eternity since she came last, and she hasn't seen my daughter in nearly two years - THAT is an eternity for a grandparent.

But right now, it feels like I've been typing at the computer for an eternity.  At least this bit of typing has nothing to do with Java, JSP, JSF, Facelets, or communications protocols.  Trust me when I say that stuff is NOT what you want in your head as you hit the sack.  ;)

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Setanta said...

I have had a few weeks of that nature, usually with the vomiting flu, and they are hellish.

Get the work squared away, look after your family and dont stress about the training. There is nothing you can reasonably do about it without compromising the important things in life.