Friday, 24 April 2009

What to do what to do

I’ve got some great feedback from a few folks on my marathon-or-not situation, and it’s really appreciated.  I’ve been considering my training volumes, run volumes, consistency in training, and how I feel.  Forecasting the next now-5 weeks with my wife back at work full-time, I think that it’s best if I pass on the marathon this year.  

I’m really quite surprised at just how much the marathon training and tri training didn’t mesh.  I thought that half-iron training with larger run volumes would be sufficient, but it sure didn’t work out well.  The load in the running really affected my bike and swim training – much more than I had expected – and in trying to balance things out, I dropped the run volume too much.  While I may not be fully happy with the result, I am glad I learned a few new things about my training and how my body absorbs it.

The question now becomes “What do I do now?”  I’m a little bit limited due to the current date, my wife now working Saturdays, and some other excuses that escape me now.  :D  But so far, here’s what I’m thinking.

  • National Capital Half-Marathon – Same day as the marathon, but half as long.  Good chance for a PR?
  • Graham Beasley Half Iron – Gotta do this one again!  Hopefully the current’s not as strong this year.
  • CN Cycle for CHEO – The old Tour Nortel, they’ve got a 70k loop that I can do for a mere $25…next weekend.
  • Easter Seals Regatta – Only 3yrs old, it’s a 3k open water swim in the Ottawa River.  Never gone that long in the water before.  Could be rather fun.  But it is on a Saturday….
  • Smiths Falls Classic – I love this sprint tri.  Short, quaint, and popular.  Ottawa’s “big guns” bike out to the race, do the race, and bike back.  And out-race me. 

After that, I have no idea.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.  I would love to do the Canadian Half Iron again (and redeem myself in the bike and run legs), but it’s also a Saturday race.  There’s a Sunday race in Brockville, but it’s not the half-iron distance.

But in the short term, I’ve still got lots to do regarding training.  I’m still wanting to keep my long runs long, but I need to return to more consistent riding and swimming.  And to do that, at least in the next 5 weeks, I need to (a) get up earlier and get this stuff done before everything else, and (b) make sure that each workout is focused and has a purpose.  While my wife’s on training, there won’t be any 9-workout weeks (I have new respect for working families) but I can still benefit just as much if I ensure each session has a purpose and I work towards it.  Currently I’m thinking that during the week, I’ll take one morning and ride to work, one morning to get in for an early swim, and the others I’ll be home to help out where I can.  And if I can get sitters for Wednesdays, I can hit the kickboxing too if time permits.

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