Thursday, 9 April 2009

Well that would explain it

Run: 10.3km @ 1hr01

I woke up in the middle of the night (it was actually very early morning) on Wednesday, and found my head was sort of hanging off the mattress. My sinuses were completely stuffed, my neck and head ached, and my ears hurt. I corrected my sleeping position and thought that would get rid of the congestion by morning. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way.

When my alarm finally went off, I was in full-blown head cold mode. Yup, all that sluggishness last week was just the early warning signs of what was yet to come. I have to admit that I feel better knowing that the lackluster training moments last week were actually caused by something.

Because it's just in my head (at least for now), I'm still trying to continue with training. I took yesterday off to allow for some catch-up on this bug, and I skipped this morning's swim (I felt bad about emptying my sinuses into the pool water for everyone else to enjoy), but I did get 10km in for a run today. And you know, it wasn't all that bad. I made sure to keep my intensity down and stuck to a 6min/km pace. I was fully expecting my head to explode, but I guess it didn't because of the lower effort (which I probably needed anyways).

I think I felt better during the run than after. My sinuses are filling up again, and my head's getting fuzzy again too. But then again I always get like that as the day gets on when I'm sick. But I'm still pretty happy I went out and ran - I usually don't do that when I'm sick.

Now, if things go well, I'll get a "longer" run in tomorrow (should be 24km, but will probably be less than that), and maybe even an outdoor ride (gasp!) on Saturday.


Setanta said...

Before my half marathon I got a sinus,throat and ear infection my ear bled!! Yikes!

Its had to stay well over winter and spring months so don't over do it and end up being "proper ill"

We have the sickness bug in our house at the moment. Joy!

cdnhollywood said...

Hey, Setanta! It's been so long that I forget your blog address! Send it my way - I need to keep tabs on ya!