Thursday, 2 April 2009

Still walking a little funny

Swim: 2000m @ 50min

Oh, things were tough in the pool today. Good. Solid. But tough. The mid-week aches are working well today.

Last night I just had to get a ride in - hell, it's been over a week since I've been on the good ol' Felt. And what better way to get started riding again than to do a killer strength workout! (In hindsight, I could have chosen something more appropriate, but oh well.) That and the 10k I ran previously in the day left me walking funny. My wife actually laughed at me as I came up the stairs - "Mark, are you okay?!?" I must have looked quite the sight.

Yet I managed to get to the pool this morning, not really knowing what I'd do. After warmup and drills, I decided to work on base, since I was there by myself today (even had a whole lane to myself - sweet!). After a few 200m intervals to get stoked, I finished the day with a 1000m stretch, nice and smooth.

Coming out of the water, I felt great, but now things are tightening up again. I'll need to go for a short walk or two in order to return my gait to normal. :)

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Setanta said...

Down stairs backwards? Its a lifestyle choice!