Thursday, 16 April 2009

Slow start

This week started out pretty lazy. The long weekend was greatly enjoyed, and it was like I was still in first gear as the week wore on. But the last 24hrs is making up for it.

Yesterday was a run - 12 x 30sec sprints with 2min recovery, covering a total of 8.5km. Then it was kickboxing in the evening.

Today I got to take my daughter to school in the bike trailer. After dropping the trailer off at home, I continued in to work. A minor cleat malfunction required some fixing, but other than that the ride was fine. But since I was later than expected, I pushed into the headwind a little harder, riding at 85-90% of my maxHR for pretty much the whole 30k. With a couple of kilometers left, my legs were starting to feel the effect of the workouts.

I've been pretty sedentary at work both focusing on the tasks at hand and at recovery. My legs are feeling like they need some rest still, and I certainly didn't stretch the way I need to. I'm feeling more time pressure (put on by myself) to get home quickly as I have a sick wife to rescue, so I'll be tempo-ing the whole way back home too. It's 60k of good intensity, but I'll be wanting a stretch, massage and a good bit of sleep after today.

My next plan (which is nearly planned) is to squeeze in my long run tomorrow morning before work. Actually, it would be *to* work. According to Google Maps, it's 22k door-to-door, but given that many of the roads don't have sidewalks or shoulders, I need to re-jig the route which would make it closer to 25k. I'm just not sure how comfortable I am with parts of the route, so I may not do it tomorrow. We'll see how adventurous I'm feeling later on.

If I do get that run in, it's a big helper for me this week. Knowing I'm not Kona-bound, my focus turns to the marathon in the short-term, and my long runs are going to be very valuable for me. And if I can get someone to babysit on Sunday (my wife's out of town) I could get another good ride in with Scott too.

Either way, though, this week's turning into a good bit of quality workouts, even if the quantity ends up being low.

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