Tuesday, 7 April 2009

It is what it is

Run: 8km @ 46:58 (Rideau Canal)

"It is what it is" - I kept reciting that to myself today and it worked. Not only did I remember pants and a jacket for today's run, but I also got out for today's run.

In the snow. That's right - it's snowing in Ottawa. This isn't effin funny anymore! But it is what it is.

Peter joined me for the first time in two weeks, back still bothering him a bit, but he was up for heading out. The pace was faster than I had wanted it (at the beginning) but I thought if Pete's feeling this good, I'll stick with it. About 3km later, Peter says "Mark, we've gotta slow down - you're pushing too hard." To which I responded "I was about to say the same thing to you!" Turns out we each thought we had to stick to each other and neither one of us was backing down! It was like a light pre-exhaustion set. :)

Thankfully the temperature has been creeping up today, and the snow is turning into wet snow and rain, which helped clear the pathways of the ice we got overnight. The wind was stiff, the air damp, and we were getting wet. My body felt like lead - stiff, heavy, slow and unwilling - just like it has for the last week. I'm not sure why, and I'm not sure what caused it, but I hope it's just adaptation or a weak mental state. But still, it is what it is, and I got the run done with strong finishing form.

I do forget that even triathletes have hard days, and days where they don't feel 100%. I forget that each race I do doesn't come with a guarantee of good weather, good performance, or situations that won't make my body hurt. So I need to keep training even if I feel tired and achy, or if the weather's not perfect. It is what it is.

And whatever "it" actually is, I will become stronger and faster because of it. So instead of working around "it," I plan to work through "it."

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