Monday, 16 March 2009

Woohoo! What a swim session!

Swim:  2300m @ 1hr (masters swim)

This is the farthest I've ever swam in a single hour of masters.  And, to make it more special (for me at least), this was all done with no fins or paddles.

What's even better is that I know I could go and do it all again.  I'm barely tired, really.  More and more I'm noticing that my base has developed nicely over the last few weeks (and it's not just in the swim either).

No timed set tonight, which I was expecting.  Instead it was 1000m warmup, followed by 4 x 300m sets, and a 100m cooldown - all freestyle.  I found my form early and it stuck.  What I really liked (and what helped the most) was the first 400m of the warmup was "distance per stroke" drill - do the 400m with the fewest strokes for each 25m length.  I was hitting between 15 and 18 strokes per 25m, and that form stuck for the rest of the night.

Now that I'm all pumped up and ready to's bed time.  Gotta be ready for tomorrow's speed interval run and tomorrow night's ride on the trainer!

I just hope I can get some sleep.  :)


Closet Artist said...

Congratulations honey! I am proud of you and all the work you have been doing. It should make for an interesting tri season this summer.

Brian said...

Do you find yourself a little more sore in the shoulders and/or abs when you are doing the minimum stroke drills?

cdnhollywood said...


Actually, I don't (unless my stroke form is wrong). Where I feel it over-time is in the forearm - when my hand gets too tense during the pull and re-entry.

I used to have heavy fatigue in the shoulders during these drills because my form was off before. Rather than accelerating through the latter part of the pull, I was putting more emphasis on the catch and accelerating through that. And that caused too much load on the shoulder, and fizzled my finish.