Friday, 6 March 2009

That did NOT sound good

Last night, I enjoyed some downtime. I met up with my family at my daughter's skating lessons, after which we went for a lovely supper together. I sat on the couch with my wife, watched the hockey game, and got to bed at a reasonable time. Today, I'm feeling pretty good, and ready to get back at it.

But last night, as I was getting up off the couch to go to bed, my right knee made a pop-grind sound that really shouldn't occur. Doing a bit of stretching I found that there's a "nice" ache above the right knee, right at the bottom of the quadriceps (near the Vastus Medialis). It makes itself known on stairs and if I squat down a bit.

Walking in from the bus today, my knee felt pretty good - normal actually. But now as I sit in my office, I can feel it tightening up and getting stiff. There may be a bit of swelling there too now....

Perhaps I'm just getting old. I will be 38 this year, but c'mon - I was just getting up off the damned couch! How sad is that?!? If I was doing intervals or something at least then it would have been justified. But to have this happen just 'cause I wanted to stand up?!? Sheesh!

Hopefully it's nothing. Hopefully things will just "go away" in time for my 90min ride tonight. Hopefully I'm not really getting old (well, old before my time, at least). And hopefully I won't get too embarrassed when my coworkers say "What happened to your leg?"

I better start thinking up a good story.... :D


Brian said...

OK, is this pain on the inside of the knee or outside? If its the inside of the knee, is swelling, hurts after have a meniscal tear. Or is it located more on the front of the knee and the pain is deep...hurts to run downhill, steps or stairs, or sitting? Then it is patellofemoral syndrome. Or is it hurting only after running or periods of inactivity..such as first thing in the morning? That's just wear and tear.

cdnhollywood said...

I *think* I've diagnosed this to be something with the quadriceps tendon. The pain's not at the patella, but just above. And while I thought it was more medial on the muscle, I think it's right in the middle of the bottom of the quadriceps.

And I was off to such a good start! :(

Thanks for the input, Brian. As always, I'm open to more if you've got it!