Monday, 16 March 2009

A successful week!

I finished tri-training week 2 and marathon training week 6 rather successfully. I got 8 quality workouts in this week, and I'm feeling the effects of them (good and bad). I'm feeling stronger and more solid all around, and my cardio seems to be holding up very well too. I don't have a power meter, but it feels like I can consistently push out a bit more power in all three disciplines while maintaining about the same HR. I'm lovin' it!

Friday night I did my 1hr15 ride on the trainer and had some challenges with it. I just could not get comfortable and I wasted a lot of energy because of it. It drove me nuts the whole time, and it took all I had mentally to keep trudging through it. First off, I need a new saddle. It's not that the saddle is horrible, but I think it's more for a rider that's not going aero - it's not gentle on the perineum whatsoever, and my "sit bones" aren't even touching the seat! Second, my aerobars are either too far forward, or the pads are too far forward - I just can't find a spot that's comfortable for more than 15 or 20min. Third, I'm seriously considering a bottle of Nair on my leg and a$$ hair. My apologies for the mental imagery. While I know that a professional bike fit won't do anything for #3, it may still be worth doing.

Saturday was a family day. I love having great days with my wife and daughter. It was so great that it carried over into Sunday, and included hitting Sasparilla Trail in the Greenbelt to do some hiking, sightseeing, and feed the chickadees (here's some photos - not mine - that show what we did). It was wonderful to see my wife and daughter's smiling faces as the birds landed on their fingers and ate out of their hands!

The rest of Sunday got VERY lazy indeed, yet somehow I managed to get out for my run (may have had something to do with survival on race day). It was a GLORIOUS day in Ottawa - a spring-like 7C with no wind - and I actually headed out in shorts! Freedom! I had no idea where to go for my 16km run, so I headed on a similar path as the week before, meandering through Kanata's suburban jungle towards the shopping area. I knew of the hills there, and was certain I'd hit the distance I needed. Turns out that I was over a bit and cleared 17km in about 1h42. I really enjoyed the challenging hills on this run, and the pathways were actually quite beautiful (yes, even in the suburbs!). My right side is still bothersome though, feeling very tight from hip to toe. That's probably why my right foot pain returned early as well (at about 8km) but I managed to keep it under control by changing form and stride (which probably accentuates the tightness in that leg). But overall the run was successful and enjoyable. Next time, though, I'd better carry some carbs/liquid with me. Yeah, I'm bad for that.

Today's a pseudo-rest day - no run today, but I'll hit the masters swim tonight. If I remember correctly, we've got a 500m timed set tonight. I'll also try to loosen up the right hamstrings and glutes to prep for the swim and tomorrow's planned run/bike sets. And somehow this week, I need to fill the void of not having the cardio kickboxing class (it's March break time) - I'm going to miss that.

And as I was reminded yesterday by my wife, it's one month until the Ironman Lottery takes place! Fingers crossed! (Even if I'm not sure what I'm hoping for.) :P

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trimybest said...

sounds like a great life! congrats on your improving fitness.