Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Planning and Adapting

Last week's recap:
  • Swapped 19km long run with 2hr Z3/Z4 spin (I finished Spinervals 9.0 "Have Mercy"!!!).
  • Good quality in all workouts again (7 total).
  • Running volume was a little light.

This week so far:

  • Last night's swim was great - a solid 2100m! Form's coming along nicely (that's what the coach says).

The rest of the week:

  • Run hills and strength on the bike today.
  • Foundation run (10-12km) and cardio kickboxing tomorrow.
  • Base swim with 1200m interval on Thursday.
  • Long ride/spin Friday (about 2hrs).
  • Long run of 19km on Saturday or Sunday.

I've started increasing the run stuff, moving it more towards the marathon plan for now. I'm in Week 8 of the marathon plan, and Week 4 of the triathlon plan, and I see things getting a bit more difficult to mesh together. I should be laying off the swimming to aid in the running volume, but to be honest, I find it (a) enjoyable and (b) recovery-like on the legs. So that means I need to be smart with the bike training, trying to not overload myself too much.

My focus on nutrition seems to be getting better on the bike. I managed to complete the entire "Have Mercy" DVD for the first time ever. I'm sure I was Z4 for the majority of it all, and I was certainly tired after, but the combination of drink and gel (for a total of about 800 calories) really helped out (I burned just under 1600). I still managed to down about 4 bottles of fluid (2 of them water) through the whole thing. I'll keep fine tuning this, and start to spread this practise into my running.

This week also sees the return of the Cardio Kickboxing classes. These are fun and hard but offer me a lot of high-intensity intervals and strength work. Here, I need to ensure that I recover well before and after this effort, especially with the planned swims on the following day.

Here goes another week!

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