Sunday, 29 March 2009

Perhaps a little too easy this week

Run:  18.4km @ 1hr50 (West Carleton Trail)

For an recovery week, I think I may have gone a bit too easy.  But the "tradeoffs" were good - more time with family, and more sleep.  However, for the 6 workouts I did this week (perhaps 7 if my wife gets me to spin tonight), they all felt of good quality.

I was strongly "encouraged" by my wife to get my run in this morning, and by "encouraged" I mean "made fun of by creating exaggerating-but-still-somewhat-accurate excuses" - it was still funny, and it worked.  I decided that I'd get off-road and take the good ol' West Carleton Trail, an old railbed that runs from central Ottawa to...well...I'm not sure.  But it does go to Stittsville and beyond, which was good enough for my run.  Another bonus was that being a railway bed, it doesn't get sloppy when it rains.

And did it rain.  I ran in the rain for 1hr30, and only got cold on the way back thanks to the stiff easterly wind.  I was soaked right through, but I felt good.  The pain in my foot showed up, but I was able to keep playing with form to see how that would address the issue (and it certainly did).  I took a couple shots of HammerGel and my old Camelbak of water to get used to that, and it all worked out fine (I didn't like walking to fetch the gel from the Camelbak - more of a pride thing).  I felt good enough to run the extra 2.5km to make it a half marathon run, but thought I'd save it for another day.  In the end, it's probably one of the longest runs I've been able to do without being hindered by foot pain - that's gotta be a good thing.

Now, the family's resting.  My wife's watching a movie, my daughter's having some quiet art time in her room, and I'm about to have a nap on the couch before starting some supper.  I'd better sign off, 'cause I'm starting to feel like Grampa Simpson at nap time.  :)

Update - the little one's done her art.  No nap for me!

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