Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Need for Speed

Swim: 1700m @ 1hr
- Main set 5 x 100m @ 1min27, 1min34, 1min37, 1min36, 1min35
Run: 5.5km @ 33min (Rideau Canal)
- Main set 6 x 30sec sprint w/30sec rest

I know it's only the second day of training, but I feel like I'm off to a good start. Even with the long run on Sunday (which I should probably move to Saturday), yesterday's swim and today's run went well. I'm certainly tight on the right side, but the stretching I'm doing (okay, getting back to doing) is certainly helping.

Last night's swim was all about lactate tolerance. After the 1000m warmup (of which only 75m was *not* freestyle), we did the killer timed 5x100m "all-out" set. We were divided into two groups and we did a heat format. Group 1 did the sprint, and then Group 2 followed suit. The rest you got was dependant on how fast the other group went. For my group, we got near 2min rest between each. The triceps were taking the brunt of all this work, and it was all I could do to lift myself out of the water after each set.

Today's run was the first lactate interval set I've done for a very long time. After a 12min warmup, we clocked in 6 x 30sec sprints with 30sec recovery between each. I think Peter and I hit it right, 'cause after the last set, it felt like we had lead for legs. But after 10min of the cooldown back to the office, we were "right as rain" and feeling just fine.

I'm learning to love these high-quality workouts: solid work, real gains, low time requirements.

I'm also learning that I've got some things to work on. First, my swim form - my pull is less snappy than my catch, and that causes fatigue and stress on the shoulder and triceps. Second, my run form - even-out the strides on both legs, and have a snappier turnover.

Now for tonight: a spin. Not sure exactly what just yet, but its either a Power Interval set or a Foundation Ride set. Let's see if I can stick this and set a precident for the next 19 weeks!


Closet Artist said...

I wanna spin! I wanna spin! I am aiming for those earrings you know! LOL

Brian said...

Very nice splits on the 100 swims. Good concept with 'teams' going at it as well.